Events Director for Impulse Group

I am part of an all volunteer international social movement organization that focuses on harm reduction tactics for gay men with a focus on Mental Health, Substance Use and Sexual Health.

I develop, design and execute the special events for the South Florida chapter. I manage the budget, planning, talent, vendors, and details of the event and coordinate all the necessary parts to focus our messaging while keeping guests entertained.

Additionally as one of the more senior members of the organization, I'm working with the team to develop new processes and capabilities to interact with each other.

What All Do I Do For the Organzation?

I am responsible for the design and execution of special events. Events like a body positive fashion show during swim week in Miami's Wynwood Art District as seen in the video below.

Where are there Chapters?

In Over 25 cities all over the globe.

Our Night Out Featuring Aerialists, Live Music, and Education

Applying my Database Knowledge as Well

I developed and maintain a database for the organziation which is part CRM, part inventory, part invoicing and cost tracking. Below is a copy of the logic layout.