Work Experience

HEICO Aerospace

New Product Development and

Market Data Analyst

2012/08 - 2020/04

Hollywood, FL 33305

New Business Development

  • I was the lead in identifying and researching new business opportunities for reverse engineered parts and repairs.

  • Review competitors products for potential reverse engineering opportunities based on customer cost and an estimated should cost to determine potential margin and market size.

  • Pitching those various opportunities as potential new business projects to the business unit managers of several of the facilities.

  • Collaborating with inter-company with multiple business units across the US during the new product development phases.

  • Developing new frameworks to communicate the requirements, risks, and rewards, as well as evaluating and compiling technical documentation for customer evaluation.

  • Securing customer approvals for these new business opportunities.

Source Approval

I compile, evaluate, submit and follow up on our source approval requests for new products to the armed services. Building new templates and XML into the Back End of the Documents to automate the process, eliminating human error and reducing unnecessary duplication.

Customer Sales and Support

  • Account management and support of military customers including submitting RFP and Bid Proposals, customer support, problem resolution, order expediting, internal coordination with operations, supply chain, quality, and shipping, to meet customer needs.

  • Managed DIBBS and (now requirements for multiple cage codes, responded to Market Research and Requests for information in order to steer potential new business to be newly competed rather than sole source to large OEMs.

  • Reviewing and responding to RFQ's in bid proposals and winning new contracts to sustaining our current military parts sales with the US and Foreign Militaries.

Database Architect

  • Designed, Built, Prototyped and Tested, Reiterated and maintained database as a small scale Project Management Tool.

  • Designed and maintained the SQL database structure, workflow, and the documents in MS-Access for front end project tracking to find new opportunities, maintain knowledgebase, recognize and discard previously reviewed opportunities, track project progress, prioritize tasks, and supply weekly reports on the status of all new product development allowing the organization to increase capacity of new product reviews from 20/week to 100/week

Smart Document Standardization

In order to reduce time spent on redundant tasks, improve my own efficiency and reduce the probability of human error, I designed and developed templates and automations that cross-populated information from databases to spreadsheets to documents and to presentations.

Sample Excerpt Weekly Report of Open Projects

New Product Development Sales Potential

Splash Screen of Project Status Database

HEICO Parts Group Flysheets

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